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thekitty_nbol's Journal

The Notebook of Love. The Kitty. Online :]]
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kittens and brownies and other things of that sort

sing. dr who. oldies. kitty.

dance. ecuador. joker. kitty.

draw. run. pictures. kitty.
1940's, a fine frenzy, accesorizing, americas next top model, arlington children's theatre, audrey tatou, avenged sevenfold, avenue q, babysitting, band-aids, beaches, ben folds, birthdays, black&white photographs, blankets, blueberries, boston red sox, breezy sunshine, cacti, childrens books, cities, cleanliness, colorful eyeliner, concerts, converse sneakers, cookouts, cows, crayons, dancing, dancing like a fool, doodles, double stuf oreos, early mornings, early summer, edward cullen, family, fields, film, folk music, frisbee, goats, gummy bears, hairspray (the musical), harmonicas, harry potter, heath ledger, hugs, jack's mannequin, james bond, jason bourne, jason mraz, kanye west, landscapes, late nights, leonardo dicaprio, lily allen, listening to music, little shop of horrors, lyrics, making cookies, matt damon, milk, milk chocolate, montréal, motion city soundtrack, movies, mozzarella cheese, nail polish, new york city, organized messes, p. diddy, paris, pens, pictures, ping pong, pizza, planes, polaroids, purple cow ice cream, rain, rainbows, raspberries, regina spektor, relatives, rent, rilo kiley, san fransisco, sandals, scotland, scrubs, seals, sesame street, shakespeare, singing, sleep, smiling, southern france, speaking in accents, speaking in limited french, spiderman, steak, strawberries, straws, sundresses, sunglasses, supermarkets, sweetarts, swing dance, target commercials, teased hair, the bravery, the dark knight, the hoosiers, the wiz, theatre, tim burton, tobey maguire, trains, true love, turtles, washington d.c., watermelon, west side story, wicked, world war ii, zach braff