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realizations [Jun. 6th, 2009|05:14 pm]
The Notebook of Love. The Kitty. Online :]]


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when i was little i use to hang out at the Herrera's house a lot. I would always see Jen when see was in high school and i would always think man oh man, she seems so cool! being in high school must be awesome

i use to see her writing papers, bring her friends over, leave to go party with friends, talk about shenanigans with her friends and i always wanted to be that mature and fun-loving.

I've realized that my life is like that right now!
1. driving around with mark and friends makes me feel super independent!
2. having all this work makes me feel like i've come so far. and it makes my summer more rewarding!
3. when we all hang out i just have so much fun

So i have lived up to what i wanted my high school experience to be.